Thakar Singh: There Exist Three Kinds of Karma

July 30, 1982, London, England

Disciple: Can you please say something about karma?

Thakar Singh: Yes, there are two kinds of karmas here now, otherwise there are three kinds. One is the big stock, which is still lying to our credit, as payment of good or bad karmas, that is lying in store, that is called store-karmas. But with this life, we have two kinds of karmas: one is the destiny, which is moulded for us before our birth and it is put in ourselves and it is going on opening automatically and we are to suffer or we are to enjoy, or we are to go or come somewhere. These things are strictly controlled and we cannot even move an inch from them. That is bound for us. As a film is prepared and it is played on a screen. The audience may be very emotional, but the film will go on without any consideration of the emotions of the audience. It will not change its procedure. But the seed karmas are also going along side by side according to free will. That free will goes on sowing new seeds, good or bad, so that we may be then enjoying its fruit, some now and some which is left for the other lives afterwards. Now after initiation these things are controlled. The destiny karmas are mitigated in their effect. If one is to suffer fever of 106 degrees, it will be only of 100 degrees or 101 degrees, not much more, so that it will be easily bearable. Then Master-power will help.

The new seed karmas will also be controlled because the Master-power is responsible that until the last day of our life all the karmas have been paid off, all kinds of karmas are burnt away or paid off and nothing is left behind. Then the soul is free to be taken to God because it is a law that if any karma is lying yet unsettled, the even the Master cannot take that soul until that karma has been paid off.

After initiation he makes his power sit with the soul, and then he controls each moment and he doesn’t raise new nets or new troubles. He controls the new seeds so that there may not be again a source of trouble in payment for the Master. And if very little, small seed karmas are done by the initiated ones, those are made to be paid off in a week or sooner or later. side by side. Those are not put into the accounts to be accumulated. At the end of the life time there is no karma at all and at the last moment the angel of death is not there. Masterpower, Master himself appears and the person is informed some days before, may be a week, may be a little more or less, at what time and on what day one has to leave the body. This was done in so many cases. Maybe in some rare cases one may not be informed, but it is de­finite that all people are received by the Masterpower and they are not to be judged because then the forgiveful and merciful power of God in the form of Master has tackled all these accounts in his control.

This explains the karmic effect upon general people and what happens after one is accepted by the competent power of God.

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