How to Mitigate Karma

June 15, 1977, Mannheim, Germany

Disciple: What can a disciple do when the karma is so heavy that he can’t help himself or he doesn’t know what to do?

Thakar Singh: When we are diseased, we go to the doctor and he prescribes medicines, for us and after treatment we feel released of the disease. Similarly, only the power which is dominating over the karma can help us. A karma cannot be cancelled by another karma. When the effect of a bad karma is there and we simultaneously do something good, the two will not cancel each other. Positive karma and negative karma will remain separate and we will have to bear the effects of both. So in this way, we cannot cancel karma.

There is only one power which acts and that is Godpower or Master-power, which is the same thing and that Power alone is competent to deal with karma. It can mitigate the effect of karma or it can totally burn away the karmas. Sound is the creative principle. When there was nothing, there was Light and Sound, and all things were created by Him. Karma came into existence after that creation.

So, Light and Sound is the all-controlling power, the super power, controlling even the karmas. It is this power which can burn away the karmas; it can lessen the effect of karmas, or do whatever we may desire. We can only be benefitted by this power. So when we practice this concentration and connection with Light and Sound, then the heaviness of the Karmas will automatically be lessened. We will be able to find a better life, better and better, as we will be practicing more and more, getting higher and higher contact. The higher the contact, the more it will be effective. This law then goes on working even if we do not want our karma to be lessened or weakened. Even then this power goes on working automatically and all aspects of life are taken care of in our favor.

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