Biography of Thakar Singh

Thakar Singh was born in a rural setting in the village of Kalra in northern India on March 26, 1929. Being the first person of his village to become educated, Thakar Singh assumed a career as an officer in the civil engineering department of the Indian government, retiring on his pension in 1976.

Thakar Singh’s strong lifelong desire to find God culminated in 1965 when he attended the Sant Mat discourses and was initiated into the holy inner light and sound by Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974).

Following the instructions of his Master, Thakar Singh in 1974 took an extended leave of absence to dedicate himself to intensive meditations. Thakar Singh began the work of his spiritual mission in 1976, dedicating his life to serving others and helping others find the inner connection with God.

Thakar Singh took early retirement and lived out the rest of his life on his retirement pension, never charging anything for his services. Thakar Singh gave freely of his time to help the poor and afflicted, offering hope to all for a better existence through their own inner connection with the inner light and sound.

Thakar Singh was the embodiment of love, humility, and simplicity. Thakar Singh advocated Sant Mat—meditation on the inner light and inner sound—plus a simple life, lived by honest work and service to humanity according to the principles of Sant Mat.

Thakar Singh initiated people on all five continents during several tours. Worldwide, but mainly in India, about two million people received the initiation into meditation on inner light and sound through Thakar Singh before his earthly demise on March 6, 2005.