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Welcome to the Thakar Singh website. This website is dedicated to the life and teachings of Sant Thakar Singh.

Anyone who had spent time personally with Master Thakar Singh in India, in Europe, in the Americas, or in the countries of Asia and the Pacific Rim, will attest to his indefatigable energy and desire to serve everyone who came to him for help and guidance. Thakar Singh’s calmness, clarity, and evenmindedness in all situations were simply astounding. Thakar Singh encouraged his initiates to continue the path of meditation on inner light and sound—Sant Mat. «God is within you, seek Him within you.»

People who experienced working with Thakar Singh, being on tour with him,  and serving the people with him can attest to the consistency of his demeanor, constantly putting the needs of others above his own, and teaching by example the importance of service before self.