How to Control the Mind in Meditation

August 14, 1999, Kauhsiung, Taiwan

Disciple: Master, what do I do about disturbing thoughts in meditation? The harder I try to make them stop, the more they come.

Thakar Singh: When we sit in meditation, the impressions that we have collected from the world are very strong. It is good that we feel like stopping these disturbing thoughts, but it will not happen very quickly. Maybe after 10 or 20 minutes these thoughts will automatically vanish. Once these thoughts have disappeared, you will not be able to recollect them even if you try because they were the impressions being cleaned. Once they are cleaned, you cannot find them again. Thoughts will disturb your meditation for only 20 or 30 minutes usually.

Heart-to-heart talk, May 30, 1998, Jesolo, Italy

Disciple: Dear Master, in your satsangs you tell us that we need to meditate to control our mind, but my mind tries to keep me from meditating. Are there other methods for controlling my mind so that I am able to meditate and improve my condition?

Thakar Singh: The mind and all mental things are a problem, but sit in meditation and in surrenderance to the Master Power: “My dear Master, I cannot handle this mind. I cannot even sit peacefully because of the disturbance.” Go on meditating. The mind will be able to disturb you for a while, but then it will settle down.

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