Thakar Singh sobre la muerte del cuerpo y el alma

7 de abril de 1979, Kensington, California

PREGUNTA: ¿Deberíamos pensar mucho en la muerte? ¿Hay algo que podamos hacer para prepararnos?

MAESTRO: Los científicos tienen algún control sobre el nacimiento, pero no tienen un verdadero control sobre la muerte. La muerte siempre es cierta. Así que, nosotros deberíamos estar vigilantes y terminar con todo antes […]

Thakar Singh on Bodily Death and the Eternal Soul

April 7, 1979, Kensington, California

Disciple: Should we think very much about death? Is there anything we can do to prepare ourselves?

Thakar Singh: Scientists may have some control over birth, but they have no real control of death. Death is always certain. So we must be vigilant and wind everything up before sunset. We […]

Thakar Singh: There Exist Three Kinds of Karma

July 30, 1982, London, England

Disciple: Can you please say something about karma?

Thakar Singh: Yes, there are two kinds of karmas here now, otherwise there are three kinds. One is the big stock, which is still lying to our credit, as payment of good or bad karmas, that is lying in store, that is […]

How to Mitigate Karma

June 15, 1977, Mannheim, Germany

Disciple: What can a disciple do when the karma is so heavy that he can’t help himself or he doesn’t know what to do?

Thakar Singh: When we are diseased, we go to the doctor and he prescribes medicines, for us and after treatment we feel released of the disease. […]