How to Deal with One’s Own Anger, Ego, and Attachment?

Morning talk, April 30, 1983, Yuma, Arizona

Disciple: I sometimes have problems with feeling angry or egotistical or attached, or something like that. Can you speak about this, please?

Thakar Singh: We are not to fight with these negativities but rather to diagnose them in order to find the source; then they must be eradicated at the source. My Master has given an example of this situation. In a village there was a well, and a cat fell into the well. After some days the water began to smell bad due to the decaying cat. There were some complaints, and the people of the village went to an elderly wise person and asked him, “Please give us some remedy.”

He went to the well and saw that the rotting cat was in the water. He told them, “All right, remove the cat and remove the water, and then new water will come into the well that will be usable.” Then he went away.

The people of the village went to the well and began taking out the water, but they forgot to take out the cat. They continued to take out the water for seven days, but the water was still bad. So they went to the old wise man again and told him they had worked very hard but were not successful and that his advice did not work.

The man was astonished. He went to the well again and found that the cat was still there. He told them, “First you should have removed the cause and then the effect would have automatically been eliminated.”

Now what is the cause of all this anger, or ego, or attachment, or all these negativities? They are the impressions which we receive from the outside world or from previous lives. All of these impressions are filled up in the subconscious mind and are striking the sensitive plate of the mind; then the mind has to vibrate according to the strikes of those impressions. The same vibrations go to the intellect to work out how these desires can be fulfilled and how these thoughts can be made practical. All the organs of the body are also put into action to practically satisfy those thought waves which originated from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is a great reservoir which goes on collecting from ages and ages; it is not limited to one or two lives. There are some children who are born angry; there are some children who are born engineers or singers or poets, and these were all impressions from previous ages. Some children are born very peaceful.

What is the remedy then? The only remedy that can help us is one which affects those depths of the subconscious mind; worldly arrangements cannot help. You cannot control the mind; neither can you control yourself. Because once an arrow is shot from the bow, you cannot control it. So all these arrows are shot directly from the subconscious mind, and you have to bear their effect; you cannot control these arrows. There is no remedy in this world. But there is a remedy:

He Who can catch hold of the person who is shooting the arrows may hold that person’s hand, and then the arrows can be stopped.

These are the impressions we will receive when we go into the kingdom of God. There we will come in contact with the holy light and sound, which are filled with the power of God. When we attend to those aspects of God, those impressions will enter into our subconscious mind and they will burn away all the negative impressions. If there is a forest on fire and all you have is fire, how can you put out the fire? But when the rainshower comes and quenches all the fire, and there is no more fire left, there will be all coolness and the forest will begin to grow again.

So all those worldly impressions which are negative are burned away by the fire of the positive elixir of God. By and by these impressions become weaker and weaker, and at some stage of your life, perhaps in some days, months or years, your house will be totally peaceful and there will not be any disturbance. This is the only way, the only way that I know. Otherwise, there is only fighting and there will be no help. The root cause is there and we should tackle or deal with the root cause.

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