How to develop love and humility

July 18, 1981, Vancouver, Canada

Disciple: What is the best way to develop love and humility?

Thakar Singh: Love and humility are aspects of God and soul. Mind is ego because it is receptive to negativities; only soul and God are free from negativity because they are unchangeable. God is unchangeable permanence and soul is also unchangeable permanence; and the properties of God are that He is all love, He is all humility. He is never angry and He is always in the mood for serving others. He never likes to punish anybody; He always likes to forgive and to serve everybody. And he who forgives and loves and serves cannot be in ego. He is always humble.

So God is humility and love, and if we wish to develop those qualities we must develop those Godly aspects in us, through soul. We have been taught to meditate and when we are nicely concentrated inside, in our meditations, we find we are filled with love and humility. If somebody criticizes us or if somebody praises us we pay no attention because it is the work of ego to react to criticism or to praise. When we are free of ego we cannot be affected by either criticism or praise; we are safe in our humility.

My Master used to say that humility is the ornament with which the saints are adorned. But worldly people adorn themselves with ego and with worldly things which make them feel glorified. Then if somebody does not recognize their glory or their greatness, they are very angry. They will try to kill or punish others, to force them to accept their power and greatness. That is the negative side of humility and Godliness. The true way of life is to live humbly; humility allows everyone to be accommodated.

There is a proverb that says: “Seven saintly persons can be accommodated under one roof, but two kings cannot be accommodated in a kingdom.” It is impossible because neither has any humility. Either of the two can stay; the second cannot be accommodated. But if some initiates are living in a room and another initiate comes, everyone will squeeze together to make room for him because when people have humility they also have a sense of sharing.

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