Thakar Singh: What is meditation?

June 29, 1994, Kinderhook, New York

Disciple: What does an aspirant find when he comes to a Master? What exactly is the meditation?

Thakar Singh: Meditation is a very simple thing to understand. That when we are attending any object concentratedly, single-minded attention, that becomes meditation. As I am meditating upon you, you are meditating upon me and the effect is there that you are entering into me, I am entering in you. This process starts at once when we come in contact with anybody in attention. But if we go on sitting side by side for whole the life and I do not attend to him and he does not attend to me, there is nothing, no connection is there. No give and take is there, no relation is there.

So relation is there when we are connected at hearts. We feel each other, we attend to each other, that becomes meditation. Otherwise it is not attention and we may be together, but there is no meditation. As this is the case with us, all the people of this world, that God is there in us but we are attending to the other side and we have no connection with God, we are not in meditation. The meditation is there, that we attend to our Father, attend to our friend and we go into Him and He comes into us and after some time we are one with Him. That we all in all are in Him and He all in all is in us and “I and my Father are one”. His perfection is in us and our nothingness goes to Him. In His perfection, He remains perfect and we are also made perfect. There is no difference to Him, no difficulty to Him, but we are filled, we are blessed and this process is completed with this meditation, to attend.

And to whom can we attend? To whom can we meditate? Whom we see in front or perhaps it may be to whom we would have seen at some time. That is also little possible, that some imagination may be there to some person whom you have seen some days back, but that is not really catching us. A person who is in front of us really attracts our attention because it is existence and there is liking. Like begets like and that we can attract each other. This becomes the meditation. That when God is in front of us, we look at Him, then we can meditate. You cannot just imagine God and that you can call meditation. It is only imagination, only struggle. You are in darkness, you are meditating the darkness. Then what is the use of meditating on the darkness? That you will be filled more and more with darkness. Already you are filled with darkness.

So that is why Master has to supply God in the form of light and sound and other blessings, good feelings, fragrance, etc. so that you are attending the inner things of kingdom of God and God and there is then a definite effect of it. A process starts. A great change which is to occur in our life, future life, for eternity we will enjoy it, that is started. So this is the great importance of meditation and what is called meditation. That we had been meditating on this world and we have become world and worldly. This is the effect of the meditation on world. That we have totally forgotten God and kingdom of God. 100% we have become world.

In the same way, we are to withdraw from the world and to attend God so that we are totally 100% taken away from the world and we are 100% connected with God. This is the effect, this is the process of the meditation.

Disciple: People are some way afraid of losing their personalities though. Does the meditation totally take all sense of self?

Thakar Singh: Your head will remain with you. You will not lose your head. You see, you increase your personality. You do not decrease your personality. If a poor person is accepted by a king, adopted by a king, that person is finding higher personality. So this is told by the Master that you belong to royal family, you belong to royal family and why don’t you go to the royal family and become royal? Because you belong to God, you belong to kingdom of God, you are children of God. Don’t you belong to royal family? So your personality is increased, my dear, you are not decreased.

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